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Modeling Pre-Depression Era Freight Cars in S Scale

B&M 34' WUF gondolas

B&M 29000 series Pulpwood Racks

Freight cars lettered for Mystic Transportation Co.

Maine Central Eastman Heater cars

New York, New Haven, & Hartford 38' Hopper Bottom Coal Gondolas

Fairmont Creamery Company's Fairmont Dairy Line - NEW

Independent Coal Tar Company

Northern Refrigerator Car Company/Northern Refrigerator Line 1922-38 - NEW

Chicago, New York, & Boston Refrigerator Company's New York Despatch - NEW

Online Prototype Resources

Online Freight Car Photos of the Teens and Twenties

Car Builder's Dictionaries from Cornell University Library, University of Michigan Library, ...-
1st Edition, 1879
2nd Edition, reprinted, 1888
3rd Edition, 1895
4th Edition, 1903 - Photos start on .pdf- page 164, drawings on .pdf- page 201.
5th Edition, 1906 - Photos start on .pdf- page 180, drawings on .pdf- page 231.
6th Edition, 1909 - Photos start on .pdf- page 204, drawings on .pdf- page 271.
7th Edition, 1912 - Photos start on page 201 (.pdf- page 191,) drawings on page 274 (.pdf- page 264.)
8th Edition, 1916 - Photos start on page 201 (.pdf- page 221,) drawings on page 273 (.pdf- page 294.)
9th Edition, 1919 - Photos and drawings start on page 250 (.pdf- page 271.)
10th Edition, 1922, still under copyright.
11th Edition, 1925, still under copyright.
12th Edition, 1928, still under copyright.
13th Edition, 1931, still under copyright.

New England Commerce: Bibliography and Resources NEW

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