Modeling the Pre-Depression Era
Freight Cars in S Scale

With railcar building coming to a virtual halt in the early Depression years (1931-33,) this list is intended to identify S scale models of prototypes constructed prior to that time, which thus excludes the ARA/AAR designs from 1932 and later which were not widely built until 1936 and later.

Inclusion in the lists below is based on my opinion and judgement; models which may be suitable as "stand-ins" are not listed below.  YMMV.  The diverse selection of older wooden kits is also not represented below.  Those models may also be built to be fine prototype models, but I do not have, or have access to, many with which I can form an opinion, but my own preference as a modeler is for the detail that is more often included on later plastic, urethane, cast metal, and brass models.

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American Flyer
American Models
Des Plaines Hobbies/S Scale America
East West Rail Service
Eastern Road Models
Forbes Models
Funaro & Camerlengo
Mad Dog Design
Mike Auderheide
Miniatures from the North
Pennsy S Models
Pre-Size Model Specialties
Ridgehill Scale Models
River Raisin Models
Rob Kirkham
S Helper Service/MTH/
Sandy Point Models
Scenery Unlimited
Smoky Mountain Model Works
Southwind Models
Standard Railway Castings Company
TFS Trains
Train Stuff
Willy Monaghan
Yuma Scale Models

American Flyer:
C&NW 46' Flat car
T&P 41' 11 panel Steel Gondola Car

American Models:
32' 8 panel Twin Hopper Car
ARA Offset Quad Hopper Car

GSC Commonwealth 90 ton Depressed Center Flat Car

Des Plaines Hobbies/S Scale America:
D&RG 40' 7-panel Single Sheathed "Fowler" Box Car
USRA 50-ton Composite Gondola Car
ARA 50-ton Steel Box Car- 1924 PRR rivet pattern (PRR X29, some B&O M-26, etc.)
GATC 10,000 gallon Type 30 Tank Car

East West Rail Service:
SOO 1921 Stock Car
C&O 95000-95199 1922 Stock Car
SP S-40-5 1916-17 Stock Car

Eastern Road Models (Shapeways):
CN Hart Ballast Car

Forbes Models (Shapeways):
RDG HKa Gondola
P&R GAc Gondola Car
PRR GB Gondola Car

Funaro & Camerlengo:
PRR Fm Flat Car
PRR Gr Gondola Car
NYC Steel USRA-derived Gondola Car

Mad Dog Design (Shapeways):
PRR Fm Flat Car
PRR F25 Depressed Center Flat Car
PRR F22 F23 Flat Car
PRR F22 Flat Car with bridge

Mike Auderheide (Shapeways):
Hutchins Gondola end (intended for CNR cars)
Spiral Gondola end (intended for CI&L cars)

Miniatures from the North:
CN Fowler Stock Car
NYC Spec 486, "USRA" Steel Box Car

UTLX 6,000 gallon Type V Tank Car (as converted to narrow gauge.)
UTLX 6,000 gallon Type X Tank Car (as converted to narrow gauge.)

Pennsy S Models:
X29 ARA Steel Box Car
G26 Mill Gondola Car

Pre-Size Model Specialties:
SP A-50-6 Automobile Box Car
C&O 40' Coal Gondola Car

REX (closed):
42' USRA Design Flat Car

Ridgehill Scale Models:
CN 36' 7-panel Single Sheathed "Fowler" Box Car: 5' door w/wood roof, 6' door w/Hutchins roof
CP 36' 7-panel Single Sheathed "Fowler" Box Car: wood roof, steel roof
CN 40' 7-panel Single Sheathed Box Car

Rob Kirkham (Shapeways):
Murphy 6 - 7 ends (intended for CPR 195000-197999 rebuilt box cars)
Queen Posts (intended for CPR 195000-197999 rebuilt box cars)
7/8 Murphy ends

S Helper Service (closed)/ MTH (closed)/
AC&F Type III Refrigerator Car
USRA 40-ton Double Sheathed Box Car
USRA 50-ton Single Sheathed Box Car
USRA 50-ton Steel Hopper Car
NYC system 2055 cuft offset side twin hoppers

Murphy XLA Roof (available from SRCC)

Sandy Point Models (Shapeways):
Tank car vents

Scenery Unlimited (closed):
USRA 40-ton Double Sheathed Box Car

Smoky Mountain Model Works:
CG 40' Ventilated Box Car
SOU 41' Composite Gondola Car
SOU 41' Flat Car

Southwind Models (closed):
PRR Gl/Glc Twin Hopper Car
PRR H21 Quad Hopper Car
PRR H25 Quad Hopper Car

Standard Railway Castings Company:
DR-02: 6' B&M Pullman 3 panel Door
DR-03: 6' 5/5/5 Youngstown Door (for 8'7" IH box cars)
DR-04: 6' 4/6/4 Youngstown Door (for 8'7" IH box cars)
DR-05: 6' Creco Door (for 8'7" IH box cars)
SA-01: USRA SS Box Car Sill Steps
SA-05: PRR Carmer Coupler Releases
SA-06: USRA Carmer Coupler Releases

TFS Trains (Shapeways):
BR&P (B&O O-48 after 1932) Gondola Car (parts to convert AF flat car)
B&O M-26 Boxcar Door Stop and Parts

Train Stuff (closed):
ARA Pratt Truss Single Sheathed Box Car
PRR X28 Automobile Box Car

Willy Monaghan (Shapeways):
D&H 4-board Wood Gondola
D&H 5-board Wood Gondola
BR&P Wood Gondola

Yuma Scale Models (Shapeways):
6/7 Inward Murphy Ends
SAL B-3 box car side
SAL B-3 box car end
SAL B-3 box car ends, no ladders
SAL B-3 box car roof


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