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Modeling Pre-Depression Era Freight Cars in S Scale

Independent Coal Tar Company

B&M 34' WUF gondolas

B&M 29000 series Pulpwood Racks

Freight cars lettered for Mystic Transportation Co.

Maine Central Eastman Heater cars

New York, New Haven, & Hartford 38' Hopper Bottom Coal Gondolas NEW

Online Prototype Resources

Online Freight Car Photos of the Teens and Twenties

Car Builder's Dictionaries from Cornell University Library, University of Michigan Library, ...-
1st Edition, 1879
2nd Edition, reprinted, 1888
3rd Edition, 1895
4th Edition, 1903 - Photos start on .pdf- page 164, drawings on .pdf- page 201.
5th Edition, 1906 - Photos start on .pdf- page 180, drawings on .pdf- page 231.
6th Edition, 1909 - Photos start on .pdf- page 204, drawings on .pdf- page 271.
7th Edition, 1912 - Photos start on page 201 (.pdf- page 191,) drawings on page 274 (.pdf- page 264.)
8th Edition, 1916 - Photos start on page 201 (.pdf- page 221,) drawings on page 273 (.pdf- page 294.)
9th Edition, 1919 - Photos and drawings start on page 250 (.pdf- page 271.)
10th Edition, 1922, still under copyright.
11th Edition, 1925, still under copyright.
12th Edition, 1928, still under copyright.
13th Edition, 1931, still under copyright.

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