Freight Car Photos of the Teen's and Twenties
Steamtown collection
Image Series D, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, & S

D1-006: ERIE XM 104341, more distant, ca. 1909
D-009: NYCL XM, ERIE XM, more distant, no date
D-013: ERIE XM 103134, 3 more ERIE XM, no date
D-015: ERIE XM 103134, 4 more ERIE XM, no date
D-016: ERIE XM 110411, more distant, no date
D-017: ERIE XM xx6243, ERIE XM, no date
D-020: ERIE XM 100396, ERIE XM, ERIE XM 7xxxx, no date

F-148: DL&W XM 37009, no date
F-210: L&NE XM 5961, no date

G1-01: 2 XM, ERIE XM, more distant, no date
G1-02: GT XM 15554, no date
G1-03: GT XM 15554, no date
G1-04: ERIE XM 11x248, no date
G2-02: ERIE XA 112374, L&N XM 13471, NYCL XM, no date
G007: DL&W XM, more, DL&W 5960, DL&W XM 5713, G, no date
G008: DL&W XM 31334, NYCL XM, XM, no date
G015: many distant DL&W HM, DL&W HM 74946, DL&W G, no date
G026: DL&W HM 7443x, DL&W HM 75x48, DL&W HM 7xxx7, WAB XM 67354, more, no date
G027: DL&W HM 7443x, DL&W HM 75x48, DL&W HM 7xxx7, WAB XM 67354, more, no date
G028: DL&W XM 36609, several distant DL&W HM, DL&W HM 78204, 3/3/12
G033: DL&W XM 29616, no date

I1-04: 3 ERIE XM, ca. 1909
I2-01: ERIE XM 106284, more distant, ca. 1909

J1-14: ERIE XM 7251, 2-3 ERIE R, no date
J1-15: 3 ERIE XM, no date
J1-16: XM, ERIE XM 10xx53, no date
J1-17: 3 ERIE SM, no date
J1-18: ERIE XM 86xx6, no date
J1-19: ERIE XM 75694, no date
J1-20: XM, no date
J2-03: ERIE XM 77427, no date
J2-07: MDT R, no date
J2-08: NYC&HR XM 95597, ERIE XA, LV XM, no date
J2-09: ERIE XM 105897, more distant, no date

K-01: LV G 152x2, LV G xxx38, no date
K-06: 2 ERIE XM, more distant, no date
K-10: ERIE XM, XM?, no date
K-013A: ERIE XM 107197, no date
K-15: ERIE G, NYC&HR XM 64790, ERIE ?, ERIE X, no date
K-15A: ERIE XA, 2 G?, XM?, no date

L-02: PM XF, more distant, no date
L-03: ERIE XM 78075, PM X, no date
L-07: ERIE XM 102775, ERIE XA, ERIE R, no date
L-09: ERIE XM xx678, PM X 530, no date
L-10: ERIE XA, ERIE XM 102775, more distant, no date
L-13: ERIE XM 73196, WLSX? S 40133, no date
L-19: ERIE XM 68659, no date
L-20: ERIE V 80234, XM?, no date
L-21: ERIE R, no date
L-22: ERIE XM 105604, no date
L-23: ERIE XM 79059, no date

M-2: ERIE XM 79576, no date
M-3: ERIE XM 79576, more ERIE XM distant, no date

N-05: ERIE XM 76841, ERIE XM 72445, ERIE XM 7xxxx, no date
N-06: ERIE XM, GT XM 5281, ERIE XM, no date
N-07: 9 mostly ERIE XM, no date
N-08: ERIE XM, papered door, no date
N-10: ERIE G 161xx, 2 XM, no date
N-16: LS&MS XM, NYC&HR XM, ERIE XM, no date
N-17: B&O XM, XM, no date

O-04: NH XM, no date
O-10: NYCL XM, no date

P-02: ERIE XM 79479, ca. 1909

R-08: C&IL XM 17956, no date
R-09: C&IL XM 17956 no date
S-12: HM x1217, ERIE F 5194, F?, no date
S-13: ERIE HM 27461, no date
S-15: XM?, 2 ERIE XM, no date
S-17: ERIE HM 28087, no date

U-10: ERIE XM, ERIE SM, no date
U-20: NYLE&W 15220 off trucks, no date

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