Freight Car Photos of the Teen's and Twenties

Collected here are links to photographs available in online collections that feature freight car images that may be of use to railroad historians and modelers, with a focus on Pre-Depression era revenue freight equipment. These same collections may also post later images, but those have not been generally cataloged here.

Typically, these are selections from immense collections, not all of which are applicable to freight car research or modeling.  Inclusion in these lists requires a judgement call.  Generally speaking, if I can read the car number, it goes in the list.  But, that is not an absolute requirement.  The "choice" images that show good broadsides or 3/4 views of the entire car are marked with an asterix.  The initial alpha-numeric code is the collection's negative number.

Boston Public Library: Leslie Jones Collection
Duke University Construction
Miami Conservancy District
Steamtown DL&W & ERIE Photos Image Series A
Image Series B
Image Series C, 0000-1999
Image Series C, 2000-2999
Image Series C, 3000-3999
Image Series C, 4000-4999
Image Series C, 5000-5999, and Others
Image Series D, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, & U
Image Series X, 0000-1999
Image Series X, 2000-3999
Image Series X, 4000-4999
Image Series X, 5000-
University of Kentucky: various collections
University of Pittsburgh: P&LE collection and others
Miscellaneous Images


Posted 2/2/17.  Updated 12/29/18.  Maintained by Earl Tuson